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bermuda slide#36, installation at corridor2122, 2010

bermuda slide#36, 2010

February 21, 2011

bermuda slide#36 installation views Installation at corridor2122 during September and October 2010. I have been interested in the wide variety of ways in which we categorize information and objects. In browsing through dozens of found slides, I became just as intrigued by the information on the slide mount as by the image itself – the […]

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i like airplanes installation at corridor2122, Sept 2009 03

i like airplanes, 2009

September 5, 2009

i like airplanes installation views Exhibited in September of 2009 at corridor2122, the source/support/research material accumulated during the process of making the painting Aircraft is exhibited opposite the finished work. For more about the process click Here.

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