In progress: i like airplanes

September 1, 2009

Aircraft painting in progress

My first exploration of night vision images came in 2003, when I created a small group of small paintings inspired by the televised video of the invasion of Iraq. Since then, I have kept my eyes open for these strange green images, collecting them from time to time and filing them away.

Aircraft painting in progress with photographic sources

Eventually, I came across this image of a KC-135 refueling plane. The nostalgia of my childhood, spent on and around air force bases, crept up on me. I have been in this type of plane before, I have seen it on the flight line and heard it overhead. I know the importance of its role in operations, and I have played with the children of its crews. I also know that it has a civilian twin, the Boeing 707, a commercial passenger plane, which I have also been on, and traveled in as a child.

I began the process of creating small studies from this photographic image. So that I might better see the image, I experimented by digitally manipulating the image. I began to search for other images of the same aircraft, so that I might know the details that are not visible in this image. I began to collect statistics on the aircraft. With my research I would start down one vein and then become obsessed with a seemingly irrelevant tangent. More and more information was being filed int0 the computer and more and more images were being collected. My childhood fascinations were coming back, I was buying plastic model kits on ebay.

I have long been interested in the art object’s relationship to process. The viewing process vs. the making process. What the viewer sees in the object vs. what the maker knows about the object.

I decided that all of the memories, objects, images, statistics and tangents were all parts of a singular archive associated with the process of making the painting. I also decided that I wanted to exhibit everything together.

Aircraft painting in progress with small study

For installation images click Here.




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